Digital Forensics

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Conformance CyberSecurity digital forensics analysts find critical evidence that reveals the unknown and confirms the suspected.

Our Digital Forensics Process begins with a consultation to ensure that our services are appropriate for your needs.  Next, analysts collect evidence while maintaining a critical chain of custody.  Our investigative procedures recover information while experienced staff analyzes and interpret the information.  Our formal reporting guidelines provide documented findings of our analysis.

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Forensic Investigation

In the majority of cases, a digital forensics investigation provides information is otherwise unavailable. The digital traces transactions leave behind provide evidence to answer questions crucial to your case.

Conformance CyberSecurity’s certified digital forensic analysts uncover the details of artifacts that help your case proceed.

Litigation Support

InfoeSecure digital forensic analysts specialize in providing electronic discovery and forensic investigation services to assist in legal matters. Our approach is to team with the law firms to ensure the needed objectives are met.

When it comes to digital forensics, Conformance CyberSecurity ensures that court requirements are upheld and all available data is discovered.

Expert Witness

The valuable findings in a legal matter require a confident presentation in court testimony. Conformance CyberSecurity digital forensics analysts have the courtroom experience and expertise to present findings and deliver relevant opinions on your case.

With experience at both the state and local court levels, our customers have confidence that the crucial details of their matter are properly handled and presented in the courtroom.

Need help with mobile devices?

Our team is equipped to find sensitive information on many types of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and others.


Our Digital Forensics Process

Detailed Consultation

The process begins with a consultation session where we ensure that we provide the appropriate services to suit your needs.

Evidence Collection

Forensic Analysts will work with you to either ship your evidence, or we will come onsite to verify and collect the evidence.

Forensic Analysis

While maintaining the proper chain of custody, we investigate your digital evidence to recover and analyze the information as needed.


We generate a formal report to document the findings of our forensic analysis.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness testimony pertaining to the procedures and methods used in the investigation.


Certifications include CEH, CHFI, GIAC, and we are licensed private investigators in the state of Arkansas.