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Penetration Testing

About Penetration Testing

Conformance CyberSecurity identifies security weaknesses and helps your resolve them

Identify Weaknesses with Real-world Attack Scenarios

Penetration testing is important to identify security weaknesses before they're exploited.

Conformance CyberSecurity Enterprise Security's expert penetration testers partner with you to simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers. Then, we not only identify your security weaknesses but remediate your critical vulnerabilities as well.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

As a top penetration testing service provider, Conformance CyberSecurity is dedicated to delivering comprehensive ethical hacking services customized to your environment. This is what makes our established and highly respected services unique:

Conformance CyberSecurity Penetration Testing


Not All Testing is Equal

Go Above and Beyond with Conformance

Not all pen testing companies are created equal. The best penetration testing companies go beyond the capabilities of tools, scans, and apps. These companies apply critical thinking, creativity, and breadth of experience. They use this to identify flawed logic, misconfigurations, vulnerability chaining, and more to show the security impact on your business.

Pen Testing Perspectives
White box penetration testing

White box tests are those where the organizations share the information of an application or system and ask security researchers to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Here, the penetration tester has complete access to source code and the environment, which helps them conduct an in-depth analysis and produce detailed results.

These tests usually take around two to three weeks, based on the width of your organization's IT infrastructure. Even though it produces detailed analysis, it sometimes gets complicated to identify the focus area, taking into account the given level of access.

Penetration Testing Process
Black box penetration testing

In black box tests, organizations do not share their security information with the security researchers and allow them to dig into their network and identify vulnerabilities independently. The main objective of this approach is to mimic a real-world cyber attack, where the ethical hacker assumes the role of an anonymous hacker.

Black box penetration testing demands a high technical expertise level and can normally take up to six weeks to complete. They are generally costly, as the security professional has to plan, execute, and report the test result with no starting point.

Grey box penetration testing

In grey box pen tests, the security professional has partial access to the network or web application. The primary benefit of conducting a grey box pen test is the focus and efficiency you get in the security assessments. It's targeted and more effective in filling the security gaps and prioritizing the imminent security remediation.


Discover Hidden Risks and Vulnerabilities

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Knowing your vulnerabilities and the ways attackers could exploit them is one of the most valuable insights you can get to improve your security program. Learn how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber attacks and how to protect them with these Conformance CyberSecurity penetration testing services:

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